Presentation Topics

The following topics will be presented at the Faith & Works Conference: A Call for Evidence of Action.

Dialogue Between Researcher and Ministry Leaders

  • Horizon Communities in Prison
  • The InnerChange Freedom Initiative
  • Teen Challenge and Faith-Based Drug Treatment

Examples of Evaluation Research

  • How to Use the Case Study Model
  • Designing A Rigorous Evaluation of a Faith-Based Organization
  • Implementing A Randomized Evaluation Design of Amachi, Texas

Religion and Civic Engagement, Charity, and Philanthropy

  • The role of Churches in Mentoring Children of Prisoners
  • Religion and Philanthropy
  • Volunteerism and Religion

Religion and Global Social Issues

The Need for Faith, Community & Research Based Intermediaries

  • The Latino Coalition
  • Cornerstone Assistance Network
  • Public/Private Ventures

Promising Practices

  • National Violence-Free Zone Initiative
  • The Jericho Program
  • National Church Adopt-A-School Initiative

The Role of Religion in Prosocial Youth Behavior

  • The Cumulative Advantage on Religiosity and At-Risk Drinking/Smoking in Young Adulthood
  • Cumulative Advantage of Religiosity in Preventing Drug Use
  • The Role of Religion in Self Control
  • Religiosity and Crime Desistance
  • A Systematic Review of the Religion and Delinquency Literature